A Voice That Passes Away

Spring Lake even

John the Baptist is a voice that passes away, according to St. Augustine:  “John is the voice, but the Lord is the Word who was in the beginning. John is the voice that lasts for a time; from the beginning Christ is the Word who lives for ever.”

John’s “voice” passes away. He no longer baptizes at the Jordan River. He cedes to the Word, and so should we. Our voice passes away; something of ourselves has to go– some of the things we hold dear, the friends who surround us,  the institutions that have upheld us.  Our way must give way to  God’s way.

We think so little of this.

Listen again to Augustine:  “What does prepare the way mean, if not be humble in your thoughts? We should take our lesson from John the Baptist. He is thought to be the Christ; he declares he is not what they think. He does not take advantage of their mistake to further his own glory.

“If he had said, “I am the Christ,” you can imagine how readily he would have been believed, since they believed he was the Christ even before he spoke. But he did not say it; he acknowledged what he was. He pointed out clearly who he was; he humbled himself.

“He saw where his salvation lay. He understood that he was a lamp, and his fear was that it might be blown out by the wind of pride.”

3 thoughts on “A Voice That Passes Away

  1. John D

    Thanks, Father Victor, for your inspiring thoughts – I’d always discounted this fellow – and yet recently, I’ve begun to appreciate him more and more. The voice of one crying in the wilderness – ceding to the Word. Thanks for your contribution to my journey – for God’s Glory!


  2. cenaclemary12

    He was a lamp to help others see Christ more clearly. Would his pride blow out the lamp?
    The Pslamist invites me to pray,
    Your word is a light for my path;
    a lamp unto my feet.
    Coal miners wore lamps,
    Tied securely to their feet.
    Below earth in darkness,
    Steady steps led them on.
    Lamp light kept them safe
    Until time work was done.
    How much more do I rely
    On Divine light to guide me?
    My day begins when I rise
    Plant my feet slipper safely,
    Draw the curtains,
    Praying the psalm words:
    Lord be a light for my path
    and a lamp unto my feet.
    Psalm 119, 105


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