Bless the Tree in Your House

Don’t forget to bless your Christmas Tree which reminds us that, besides the blessings of the human family, we’re blessed through creation.

Long ago, God placed a tree of life in the garden of paradise as a sign of the wisdom, knowledge,  and every good thing the created world brings us.

Our Christmas Tree reminds us of creation’s blessings  and the blessings we receive through Jesus Christ who renews the created world through his coming.



2 thoughts on “Bless the Tree in Your House

  1. Gail Smyder

    A beautiful prayer for a Christmas tree lighting. Father, did you or do you make these prayers available when you go to parishes and present ideas on Advent and Christmas. Email is great, but I like books and I wonder if you ever published a book with all your St. Nicholas, Advent, and Christmas prayers, customs and rituals families could make their own. One of my friends gave me a little black book of prayers a few days ago and guess who compiled the prayers. I gave it to a young woman who works with troubled girls.

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  2. Jo Shafer

    I have a book of house blessings, bound in burgundy with gold etching trim, that our pastor gifted us about 20 years ago. It includes blessings for the Advent Wreath and the Christmas Tree, among other special objects with religious significance.


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