1. Rorie C

    I loved these two illustrations.  I also  enjoyed viewing your advent wreath!  I think I want to copy it!  Our last Martha Mary Meeting was on Terrariums so your three gardens were a perfect representation of them.  We miss you and hope you are well!  Happy Advent!Rorie


  2. vhoagland Post author

    Rorie, That’s what I’m hoping–I hope people will copy it. A great way to celebrate Advent. Best to Jack.


  3. Berta

    I loved the idea of bringing God’s beautiful creation inside our houses this way! Not only are we bringing the love of Mary, our Mother into the house but we’re also bringing her Son and His creation.
    I also love this beautiful Mary Garden becoming the Advent wreath.
    Thank you all for the presentation of such a creative and lovely idea.


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