We Give Thanks

David Leonhardt in The Times this morning had an inspired column on Thanksgiving. Can I pass some of it on to you here? He asked people to write in 6 words what they are thankful for. Here are some of them.

Sunny mornings, a window facing east.

The backyard haircuts are getting better

Ambulance took him. He came home.

Held my son as he died.

So grateful to live in Canada

Out of prison with a great job

Faith, family, friends, dedicated health professionals.

My parents live two blocks away

Dr. Fauci and all truth tellers

Volunteers who take experimental drugs

Windows have never been so important

Reached age 92, grandson reached 3

 I watched her learn to read

Thankful for learning, in my pajamas

Rediscovering myself by reading the Bible

Tried, failed, failed worse, kept going

God, family, freedom, Trump, USA

Trump is our best president ever

Biden won the election––thank God

Americans waited in line to vote

Democracy triumphed now pass the stuffing

Zoom Thanksgiving beats an ICU Christmas

The many people who deliver food

There’s really more kindness than hate

I proposed and she said yes.

He also quoted Pope Francis who recalled recently the nurses who saved his life after he was hospitalized at age 21. He said that to come out of the pandemic strong we need to let ourselves be touched by others’ pain.

I’ll add my own 6 word thanks, from the Bible.

“Living I thank you this day”

2 thoughts on “We Give Thanks

  1. Peg DePol

    Sending love and Thanksgiving wishes for continue health. Really enjoy your Sunday homilies Fr. Victor and the daily flower reflections. Abundant blessings to you dear Friend, Peg and Howie DePol -smililng with wonderful memories of the years at St. Mary’s, Colts Neck


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