“Behold Your King” (John 19:14)

by   Berta Hernández

     Looking at Jesus, our King! I used to feel all kinds of sad and negative feelings when I gazed upon our King on the Cross, but this past Lent I meditated intently on Jesus  and found some things that had been hidden from me.

     Jesus, Our Humble King:

— suffers in silence

—although falsely accused never responds in anger to His tormentors

— He offers His “back to those who beat Him; He does not hide His face from insults and spitting.” (Isaiah 50:6)

—extends His hands to those who crucify Him

— gives Himself freely for those who have rejected Him; including me!

— endures mocking and cruelty of sinful men for sins not committed!

     Jesus, Our Merciful King:

— instead of a crown of gold; wears a crown of thorns

—His precious blood flows down from His head, hands, back, feet!

—suffers unjustly, but forgives and prays : “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

—takes away sins of the world, including mine

— forgives even though we do not deserve it.

     Jesus, Our Triumphant King:

—faithful to the end

— no one takes His Life; He gives it freely

—gives us Mary, His Mother, as our own, from the Cross

—proclaims His victory: “It is finished.” (John 19:30), and hands over His Spirit, trusting His Father to raise Him up

—gives up His own life so we might live

—returns in triumph in three days. Our Lord. Our Love. Our Savior.

— He makes it possible for us to become sons and daughters of the Father.

— we become His brothers or sisters. He gives us His Spirit to guide us and He promises never to abandon us!!!

     As I have continued meditating on Jesus on the Cross I have had a sort of epiphany. The Cross used by the Romans was for torture and death, but because of who Jesus is, the Cross has now become a throne for  the King of Kings!  Now as I pass a crucifix all I can see is what all leaders should be like. Our leaders should all have Jesus as their guide. They should be sacrificial, caring, generous, kind, compassionate . They should each be an example, a teacher, a healer, and a lover of his or her people. 

     I hurt when I see a cross because  I know what it was originally used for. Now I see Jesus triumphant! I see Him as the King this world needs. I see Him as a Savior! I see Him as my King!

     Jesus , Son of the Father, I trust in You!

This meditation was inspired by the reflection for Good Friday 2023 in the magazine The Word Among Us.

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