Gardens and Space

I’m sitting this morning in my sister’s backyard, shaded by a big Chinese maple and a big holly tree. She has a small shrine to Mary there and a statue of Joseph holding a broken child Jesus, which she salvaged from someone else’s backyard.

A young robin and a young cowbird are nearby searching for food, a little perturbed, I think, to find me occupying  part of the territory that’s usually theirs.


We usually think we own the world. What rights do robins and cowbirds have to this backyard I’m enjoying now?

We didn’t make the trees, the ground we’re on, the air we breathe. They’re gifts to us and make us who we are. NASA released on Tuesday images and data from the new James Webb Space Telescope that offered a spectacular view of our universe. We know only a small part of the cosmos we live in.

Neither do I know a part of the small garden I’m sharing with the robins and cowbirds this morning.


8 thoughts on “Gardens and Space

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, thank you for the peace and grace in your reflection. It grounds us and at the same time helps us dream. And thank you for my own small Mary garden that you inspired me to plant. It reminds me every day no matter how small a part of it we have, we need to take care of creation or it dries up and dies. Enjoy your day, Father Victor! Jesus, Mary, Joseph, pray for us!



    The recent photos from the new James Webb Space Telescope make me think of a biblical passage describing God at the Creation as His Holy Spirit of Wisdom played among the stars and made His home. But I can’t find that particular passage. Do you recollect it?



    As I reflect in my new home these thoughts become my reality Thank You Kaycee

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  4. vhoagland Post author

    You find descriptions like that in the psalms, 147, for example, and the Book of Wisdom. Creation is God’s playground.

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  5. vhoagland Post author

    Another interesting trivia for garden lovers. I noticed in the reading the other day that Isaiah put a fig poltice on the kings’ boil to heal him. Ever heard of that?


  6. fdan

    Learned this: The topical application of figs on boils and warts can bring down the inflammation associated with it and accelerate the healing process.


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