Imperfections are Dangerous

 I have been thinking about imperfections this lent. They can be dangerous.

We can forget our nothingness and the reality of our own imperfect nature.

We’re creatures of God who have lost the capability of being perfect due to original sin. We’re lukewarm in faith and proud. We’re not able to do any good deed or work without the bountiful grace of Christ sustaining us. 

Lent is a good time to face our lukewarm faith and turn to Christ with humility. It’s a virtue that can change us– humility. So many of us lack this crucial virtue. We can forget we going to die as we pursue empty pleasures.

St.  John Marie Vianney, a great saint, patron of diocesan priests, and a perfect model for catholic priests throughout the world, commented on Saint Peter’s cowardice during Christ’s passion and said, “Alas! To show him how man, left to himself is nothing at all.” Peter during the passion of Jesus is a good example to remember in lent.

Let’s pray for the grace of profound humility during lent. It’s what we need now and for the rest of our lives. So instead of giving up some drink or food at this time, how about praying for humility?

Dylan Schilace

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