FEBRUARY 21-27: Readings and Feasts

FEBRUARY 21 Mon Weekday [St Peter Damian, Bishop  Doctor of the Church] Jas 3:13-18/Mk 9:14-29 

22 Tue The Chair of St Peter Feast 1 Pt 5:1-4/Mt 16:13-19 

23 Wed St Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr Memorial Jas 4:13-17/Mk 9:38-40

24 Thu Weekday Jas 5:1-6/Mk 9:41-50 

25 Fri Weekday Jas 5:9-12/Mk 10:1-12 

26 Sat Weekday Jas 5:13-20/Mk 10:13-16 

27 SUN EIGHTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Sir 27:4-7/1 Cor 15:54-58/Lk 6:39-45 


The weekday readings from Mark’s Gospel begin this week with the cure of the young boy whose youth has been marred by “a mute spirit.” (Monday) We have a number of reminders in this week’s liturgy that the journey to Jerusalem is meant to make us children of God again. That wasn’t the greatness his disciples seem to be looking for. (Cf. Mark 9: 33ff) Jesus meets opposition on that journey (Friday) Mark 10:13-16 returns to Jesus teaching about becoming children. (Saturday)

Next Sunday the Passionists celebrate the feast of St. Gabriel, a young Passionist from Italy who is honored as a patron of youth.

The Feast of the Chair of St. Peter (February 22) reminds us we are children of the church learning from its teaching. 

St. Polycarp, an old man, dies professing his faith in the teaching of the gospel he received in his youth. (Wednesday)

We read the Letter of James along with Mark’s Gospel these weeks before Lent. I think the authors of our lectionary placed the Letter of James, which emphasizes the practical teachings of faith, as a balance to Mark’s Gospel, which concentrates on Jesus’ works of healing and casting out demons.

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