Candlemas Day

I learned something lovely this week–
that the Feast of the Presentation
of Jesus, as written in Luke’s Gospel,
is also called Candlemas Day,
when candles are blessed for the year.

Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the
Temple in Jerusalem to be consecrated
to the Lord according to the law, by the
parents of a first-born male child.
Their sacrificial offering was a pair of
turtle doves, as the law required.

Inspired by the Spirit, a man named Simeon
came to the temple to pray at the same time.
The Prophetess Anna, who worshiped God
day and night in fasting and prayer was
also there.

Simeon and Anna recognized Jesus as
God’s Anointed One and praised God
that their years of waiting were over,
and their prayers had been answered.

Candlelight reminds us that Jesus is the
Light of the world.

Gloria Ziemienski
January 2019

We wait and pray
for a child to be born

We wait and pray
as a loved one slips
away from us
into God’s arms.

We wait and pray
(if we’re wise)
standing in line or
stuck in traffic.

We wait and pray
that the job interview
ends in employment.

We wait and pray
for school graduations,
expecting each one
to lead us further
into the grown-up world.

We wait and pray for recovery
from illness and its burdens,
our own or of someone dear to us.

We wait and pray for
the safe return of a loved one-
from a journey,
from the hospital,
from war.

We wait and pray
for so many things
and so many people
so many times in our lives.
Waiting is the hardest prayer.
Gloria Ziemienski June 2005

4 thoughts on “Candlemas Day

  1. Harry Warren

    Happy to read you are still writing of your beautiful observations. I hope this comment finds you well. Harry


  2. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, thank you for the post and poem by Gloria Ziemienski. Beautiful, Grace filled words! Thank you for the thought, Gloria Z, I will make a prayer of waiting. Have a blessed Candlemas day.


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