November 15-21: Readings and Feasts

NOVEMBER 15 Mon Weekday

[Saint Albert the Great, Bishop and Doctor of the Church]

1 Mc 1:10-15, 41-43, 54-57, 62-63/Lk 18:35-43 

16 Tue Weekday

[Saint Margaret of Scotland; Saint Gertrude, Virgin] 2 Mc 6:18-31/Lk 19:1-10 

17 Wed Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious Memorial 2 Mc 7:1, 20-31/Lk 19:11-28 (

18 Thu Weekday [The Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles;

USA: Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, Virgin] 1 Mc 2:15-29/Lk 19:41-44 

19 Fri Weekday 1 Mc 4:36-37, 52-59/Lk 19:45-48 

20 Sat Weekday [BVM] 1 Mc 6:1-13/Lk 20:27-40


Dn 7:13-14/Rv 1:5-8/Jn 18:33b-37

The readings from Luke’s gospel this week begin with Jesus’ ascent to Jerusalem from Jericho where he meets the blind beggar and Zacchaeus, the publican. The ascent and the meeting are part of a messianic event. The gospels for the remainder of the week describe him entering the city, weeping over it and cleansing the temple. The Messiah has come.

The readings from Maccabees remind us that our Jewish brothers and sisters are celebrating Hanukkah.

This liturgical year is ending. The Feast of Christ the King announces it. 

1 thought on “November 15-21: Readings and Feasts

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, Now, my week can begin and I’ll look forward to what’s to come. With your (and GMC’s!) Reflections my sources of and secrets to happiness grow day-by-day! Thanks be to God!


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