Keeping Balanced

Picasso, Three Dancers

We have an exercise session every Wednesday here in our community with a very good instructor. He asked the other day what’s the major concern elderly people have about their physical mobility? Keeping their balance, he said. 

Balance is a good thing to pay attention to in many ways, isn’t it? Our instructor is taking us through ways to keep physically balanced, simple exercises to keep the parts of the body supple and in tune. 

Our spirits need balance too. Besides breathing in and breathing out, stretching muscles and limbs, we have to make sure our spirits reach out beyond ourselves. That’s done by prayer, for one thing.

Our own spiritual tradition says that prayer is important and points to the beginning of the day and the end of the day, morning and evening, as special times to exercise that gift. Beginning and ending the day are times favoring prayer.

Jesus prayed in the morning and evening, scripture say. He prayed at other times too, but in the morning and evening he prayed the prayers his people prayed, the psalms. He came to know them by heart. 

There’s a balance in the psalms. They speak for you personally and they remind you of the world beyond yourself. You can walk in this world without fear, but there’s always a danger of falling. Pay attention to the time you have and where you’re going.

Mindfulness is not only for physical movements. We need to be mindful of the signs of the times and the One who sets us in these times. As we do our exercises, our instructor reminds us to keep close to our chair. Grab on to it if you’re losing your balance.

The Lord is my Rock, my fortress, my refuge. In him alone is my hope.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Balanced

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, a beautifully balanced reflection. We respond with alacrity and vitality and spirituality. Thank you for thinking of us. You know you are in our thoughts and prayers too.


  2. Harry Warren

    Thank you, Fr Victor. Great reflection on physical balance joined with spiritual balance. You are always “on Time”. Be Well. Harry


  3. cenaclemary12

    I like the Picasso art showing three dancers. Could be a reminder of the Trinitarian flow of love in God? To maintain quality of life, balance is so important. Ora et Labora balance is not just for monks. In recent PT sessions, balance is improved for those who have suffered stroke or injury. I see the therapist checking steps and strides, standing near to catch the person if needed. Yesterday the therapist was coaching a special needs, ten year old boy. After each set of ten, he roared, “Can I go home now?” PT staffers showed a great deal of patience with him. After my assigned sets, I asked the same question but said it to myself. We all want to be at home, resting in God on our favorite recliner!


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