September 6-12: Readings and Feasts

SEPTEMBER 6 Mon Weekday. LABOR DAY (USA)  Col 1:24—2:3/Lk 6:6-11 

7 Tue Weekday Col 2:6-15/Lk 6:12-19

8 Wed The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Feast

Mi 5:1-4a or Rom 8:28-30/Mt 1:1-16, 18-23 or 1:18-23 

9 Thu USA: Saint Peter Claver, Priest Memorial Col 3:12-17/Lk 6:27-38 

10 Fri Weekday 1 Tm 1:1-2, 12-14/Lk 6:39-42

11 Sat Weekday 1 Tm 1:15-17/Lk 6:43-49 


Is 50:4c-9a/Jas 2:14-18/Mk 8:27-35 

Often the readings of the liturgy for the day throw light on the day itself and the events taking place then. Monday is Labor Day in the USA; St. Paul in the reading for that day from Epistle to the Colossians speaks of laboring and struggling to bring them the gospel. Good question for us all: are we laboring and struggling to bring the gospel to others?

Our calendar, whether recalling a secular or religious occasion, calls us to reflect and pray over what we have before us that day. What’s the meaning of work, we’re asked on Monday? In God’s eyes and our own?

On Thursday, we celebrate the feast of St. Peter Claver, who ministered to black slaves in Colombia, South America in the 16th century. Racism is still with us. We’re called to reflect on it, in God’s eyes and our own.

Wednesday’s the feast of the Nativity of Mary. Births are celebrated often in our calendar. Why do we hold human life so cheap today?

Celebrating the day and the events of the day is always better when we reflect and pray about it.


1 thought on “September 6-12: Readings and Feasts

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, In God’s eyes and our own! Wow! Pretty powerful way to pray. Pretty powerful way to change. And, pretty powerful way to encourage people day-by-day! Thank you, Father Victor. You teach us wisdom.


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