August 16-22: Readings and Feasts

AUGUST 16 Mon Weekday  [Saint Stephen of Hungary) Jgs 2:11-19/Mt 19:16-22 

17 Tue Weekday Jgs 6:11-24a/Mt 19:23-30 

18 Wed Weekday Jgs 9:6-15/Mt 20:1-16 

19 Thu Weekday [Saint John Eudes, Priest] Jgs 11:29-39a/Mt 22:1-14 

20 Fri Saint Bernard,Doctor of the Church  Memorial Ru 1:1, 3-6, 14b-16, 22/Mt 22:34-40 

21 Sat Saint Pius X, Pope Memorial Ru 2:1-3, 8-11; 4:13-17/Mt 23:1-12 


Jos 24:1-2a, 15-17, 18b/Eph 5:21-32 or 5:2a, 25-32/Jn 6:60-69 

Don’t miss the readings from the Book of Judges this week. They’re describing one of Israel’s worst times. I especially like the angel’s words to Gideon:  “Go with the strength you have.”  Words for us.

Interesting mix of saints this week. King Stephen of Hungary, John Eudes, Bernard and Piux X.

Kings, popes, presidents –our political leaders are important figures in society. We may forget they’re called to be saints as well as world figures. Always a danger we look on them as just political figures.

Bernard and John Eudes have left their gifts to us. See later this week.

For Morning and Evening Prayers, see here.

1 thought on “August 16-22: Readings and Feasts

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, I have to say it again: there’s no place like The Victor’s Place. Holy men of humble heart, bless the Lord.


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