4 thoughts on “The Raising of Lazarus

  1. Orlando Hernandez

    Wow, Fr Victor! Thank you! I thank God that there are so many others like you out there doing the same job, but as for me, you’ve been my spiritual Dr Anthony Fauci during during these last few weeks!


  2. Berta

    Dear Jesus,
    I found a perfect prayer from You. It is the beginning of the prayer You prayed to the Father when You stood in front of Lazarus’ grave. Please Lord Jesus , allow me to also pray it today in its entirety because I’m asking Our Father to create a miracle today. It converns the COVID-19 virus and the infected and dying from it.
    “Father, I thank You for hearing me. I know that You always hear me, but because of the crowd here I have said this, that they may believe that You have sent me. ” John 11
    Lord Jesus, I’m asking You to create a miracle today. Please Lord make this virus less contagious and less lethal today. This is the day we remember and commemorate Your raising of Lazarus. You in your power and for the Glory of God heal all those that are on respirators . Heal those that are in hospitals or at home sick with the virus. But most importantly my God please, let the world know that it was You that did it all! Glorify the Father, our caring and loving God!
    May God be praised and His Glory be known throughout all the Earth!!!
    I love You, my God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Have mercy on us!

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  3. Liz Forest

    GRATEFUL for your offerings and example of steadfast faith May we each be bright lights as the ones who radiate hope, faith and love.


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