2 thoughts on “3rd Sunday b: A Paradigmatic Day

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, as I meditate on your homily, I am reminded of what Saint Marianne Cope said: “Let us make best use of the fleeting moments. They will not return.”


  2. Joseph Bowden

    Hi Father Victor , it has been a while since we seen each other so I am just reaching out to see how you are doing ? I saw Bill & Gail Carrillo ( sp) ? and they told me you had COVID 19 . I didn’t realize that. How are you feeling and did they give you the vaccine yet ? Bill & Gail are selling their home and moving to Center State where Father Bausch , Phil & Rose Walch and Frank Baker live. Sounds like a good move to me as Bill has become more fragile . Hope all is well Father. I’m looking to get vaccinated and get back to normal living.Stay well , Joe & Margarita

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