As I’ve contributed over the years to this blog, “The Victor’s Place”, I’ve thought about its aim and its readers. The aim of this blog is to provide others with a taste of our Christian prayer tradition found in our liturgy, its readings from scripture, its feasts and seasons and its celebration of saints. It’s “daily bread” for daily life.

This blog is followed by adults from all over. But what about children? They need the “daily bread” that comes from prayer and reflection too.

Here’s “OurChildrenPray”, a website for helping children to pray. Its aim is “offer support for those helping children to pray and thus to begin their relationship with God. It provides short explanations from the Catholic tradition for the ordinary prayers we say and introduces children to the seasons of the year we celebrate.”

If you are a parent, grandparent, godfather, godmother, or someone guiding children take a look at this site. Children thirst for God from birth. Teaching them to pray is one of the greatest things we can do for them.

1 thought on “www.ourchildrenpray.com

  1. fdan

    Great website, Father Victor! I sent it to my Gen Y “children” with children.
    The following, to express appreciation for your blog, is quoted from our Franciscan brethren:
    “In seeking Christ, we just may find ourselves.
    Or we may find someone that we used to know.
    Or we may find someone that we should get to know. But what really matters is that we find the Word made flesh.”
    Thank you! And, may the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts.


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