Retreat with St. Paul of the Cross- Day 25, December 17,1720

     Paolo Daneo continues: “ During these days I was suddenly moved to shed tears, but they ceased immediately or at least remained only for a short time, and then I continued in the way I have described. But, by the mercy of the Sovereign Good, peace of heart did not leave me; I mean that I did not feel my heart troubled with scruples but truly at peace with God. It even seems to me that I do nothing good— as is indeed true— but I trust in the great goodness of the Sovereign Good. May He be loved by all. Amen.”

     Orlando’s entry: Paolo continues pushing through these painful four days of introspection and anguish. He cries often, but his trust in the goodness of God makes him realize that at the bottom of it all, here is constant peace, because GOD IS WITH HIM.      I go back to meditate, as I have often done, on something that Fr. (now Bishop) Robert Barron said a few years ago. He compared the encounter with God to this image:     You are driving through the city in your car. You haven’t washed it in days, but your windshield is clean enough that you can see through it, OK no problem. Suddenly, you turn a corner and  find yourself facing a huge rising sun, which illuminates every little speck of dirt on that windshield, so that you’re blinded and you begin to fear for your life…..Fr. Barron says that when you get very close to the Light of God your sins, flaws, aches, and wounds are illuminated in such a powerful way . You feel so unworthy! What will you do?         Paul Daneo seems to say that this glaring light is also the Light of Love, and we should go towards it, rest in it! Later in his life, Paul of the Cross wrote: “ Continue with your customary recollection. Immerse yourself totally in God. Rest on the loving bosom of God like a baby. Oh, much can a loving soul say to its God in that sacred silence of love!”     Dear Papa, I thank You and Your servant Paolo, my Patron Saint, for teaching me to pray this way!

     Berta’s entry: Dear Jesus, how many times have I felt like Paul Daneo, “truly at peace with God”, but knowing that I have done nothing to deserve it. I believe that the Holy Spirit comes to woo us many times. He will touch us and we will suddenly be “moved to shed tears”. The Spirit will bring peace to our hearts. He will allow a soft breeze to touch our cheeks and bring love  and knowledge of Him.      In the last few days I have been at my oasis. God has revealed how much He loves, me. It’s not something based on facts. What has happened to me can only happen through the Supernatural; it’s a relief for the soul. What came to me was a song sung to my soul. The Holy Spirit has visited us in our house thanks to our abandonment to our Lord God during these days of retreat with St. Paul of the Cross. The desert that I was in, drowning in the sand, has disappeared for now. It has been replaced by a sea of love, Your Love, my Jesus. It’s a sea of Sacred Water where we are being immersed in Your love, my Triune God! Thank You for the care, the compassion, and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit You are blessing us with.                                                                                              May Your name be praised now and always!

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