Retreat with St. Paul of the Cross- Day 14

     On December 6, 1720 Paul Daneo wrote: “I was especially recollected, particularly during holy Communion after which I had great peace and tranquility with a sense of intense love. I was especially fervent in praying to God that He would hasten to found this Congregation in holy Church, and for sinners. I had a keen infused knowledge of the sufferings of my Jesus, and I felt so ardent a desire to be perfectly united with Him that I wished really to feel His sufferings and to be on the Cross with Him.     “These wonders cannot be explained through bodily comparisons because God makes them understood deep down in the soul with movements so spiritual that they cannot be explained— yet they are understood in a second.     All the rest of the day I was dry and also troubled with thoughts, but at peace.”

     Orlando’s entry: On his 14th day, Paul again finds great love and consolation during Communion. I can relate to that. The best thing that happens in my life is receiving the Living Jesus into my body. He has been there all along, but this infusion of Sacramental grace is what I wish for and pray for everyone in this world to experience.     On this day the young Paolo feels great zeal for his mission to establish the Congregation that will become my beloved Passionists. Thank You Lord. Paolo’s Charism also takes hold of him. He feels this “ardent desire” to share in, to feel, the sufferings of Jesus. I believe this is impossible for any human being. The agony that the Man God felt is too much for us to experience. As we strive to share in His incandescent wounds, instead of hurting us, their fire of Love gives us peace, strength, and hope above all suffering. This is my experience; it is hard to explain. By God’s merciful Will, I have hardly suffered in my life, but I know that my personal passion will come. I truly hope in faith that my Jesus will be with me through it all, as He takes me Home.

     Berta’s entry: Dear Jesus, since we are following our retreat through St. Paul of the Cross’ diary entries, I feel compelled to write in mine. Today, for me, is one of those days “troubled with thoughts”. It was hard to concentrate, first on Your Word, Lord, and then on all our other readings. I am riding the roller coaster of humanity. Outside sources are working on me and that gets in my way to being with You, my God!      St. Paul this day was fervently praying to God regarding his mission. This prayer took him straight to the source. It took him to the Cross and to You my Jesus, our All!  Paul wanted to share in Your sufferings and to be in that Cross with You. After those seconds of connection to You, he went back to being “dry and also troubled with thoughts”, but at peace.”      Lord Jesus, today my soul, my mind, my body, and my spirit need mending. Looking at You on that Cross shows me how much You love me and how much You want to heal me! You have taken upon Yourself all our sins and sufferings. Help me now to fight the good fight. Help me to join You on that Cross and find peace and healing. Wash me with Your Precious Blood and Water that You spilled there on Calvary. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, that will then guide me into our Father’s arms! I would like to reflect You, my God! Your mercy and love is all I need today! Your Light will be my guide.

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