Retreat with St. Paul of the Cross- Day 2


Paul Daneo writes on 11/24/1720 : “Unworthy though I am, I engaged in prayer. I had no special uplifting, but I remained at it in habitual interior peace, that is to say, with pure loving attentiveness to God in general, infused in the soul. After that, although unworthy, I received holy Communion and remained recollected for some time, and then that ended too.”

  Orlando’s reaction: 
“ Unworthy though I am”, I engaged in prayer with my loving wife (Wow, am I finding her so beautiful!), such a loving daughter of God. We share our faith and spiritual struggles, also our metaphors, trying to explain the mystery of God as we share our ideas and feelings regarding the diary entries by Paolo Daneo. It is wonderful. Thank You Prince of Peace, for helping us live our peace together. I feel like we’re family! The “Three” of us. Help us to see humanity, all of it, as part of that family. 
I did not get to do much more prayer that day. I had to send emails to different people regarding my duties in the Knights of Columbus and my Zoom prayer group. It took me forever. I don’t like doing stuff like this. Anything that deals with technology is hard for me, but I know it is for your glory, Lord.

  Berta’s reaction: 
I haven’t had the greatest prayer life lately. I either don’t get into it, do it fast, or complain about doing it and not getting much out of it. There’s no inner “consolation”. There’s no satisfaction. I’m dry and alone, even though I know You are with me and at my side. I don’t give You time and yet I expect You to protect me, love me, save me, be with me, heal me, comfort me, and never leave my side! How selfish is that? 
  I’m hoping that during these next few weeks I will develop some type of relationship with You, my Jesus, that is not so one-sided. Love is sacrifice! I see it when I look up on Your Cross! I see it when I do the Stations of the Cross. I see it when I think of Mary, a child of 16 or less who said “Yes”! I do love You, my God! May my time with You be a loving one from my side too. May one day joy come from this “love sacrifice” that we’re embarking on!

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