4 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Mary Garden

  1. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, thank you for your suggestion of making a Mary Garden of our own, even on the window sill. I planted together succulents and cacti and off to either side are a basil plant and a bromeliad plant. As an aside, I found a very tiny snail in the bromeliad soil when I was repotting it and I kept it in the soil. I thank GMC and you for my newfound appreciation for snails and all of God’s creatures. I couldn’t find a small statue of Mary holding baby Jesus so I’m using a photograph of a statue of Mary and child. To the extent that I have begun, I thank you for the experience of working the earth and being amazed at what I find spiritually and physically. Thank you.


  2. Harry Warren

    Fr Victor. Great video of your beautiful Mary Garden. Congratulations to you and all involved in making the Garden so beautiful.God willing, when we are free of this terrible pandemic I will see the Garden again, now completed. So happy for you that you have the Garden to pray in whenever you wish. Again, congratulations. Harry


  3. Rorie Coppola

    Wow! So impressive and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and for the factual history lesson. Most eloquently and elegantly presented!
    Rorie Coppola!


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