4 thoughts on “Report from a World of Little Signs

  1. Berta

    There are so many signs in our world today that brings God’s love into our lives.
    The trees are blooming and the birds are making their nests and feeding their young! The singing of the birds, the croaking of the frogs are there. Many times we couldn’t hear them because of the noise of the lawn mowers or the loudness of the traffic.
    We walked in Kissena Park in Queens yesterday before the storm and we saw and heard nature in all its fullness. We even heard praise and worship from an older Asian man who was walking his dog! He stopped, tied the dog, put down his cane and with all his strength he lifted his arms and began his praises. We couldn’t understand what he was saying except how he ended each prayer. He yelled out Alleluia!
    That was a sight to see! It. We felt the Holy Spirit in our midst so we started also praising Alleluia at the top of our lungs and walked away with a feeling of peace and happiness that put a laugh in our hearts and a spring to our steps! Wow!
    God is good all the time! All the time God is good!


  2. Gloria

    One of God’s Many Little Signs

    April Morning

    My heart sings
    with joy
    at the sight
    of a sturdy
    red-breasted robin
    bursting with life
    standing knee-deep
    in tender
    spring green grass


    Gloria Ziemienski
    April 6, 2004


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