Identify the starting hold.

Place hands softly upon it.


Identify the first hand movement.

If a left hand, then identify left foot placement.

If a right, then right foot placement.

Weight the foot.

Let the body hang into equilibrium.

Push down upon the weighted foot.

Rotating that hip to the wall.

Allow the hand to rotate upward toward & slightly past the hold.

Lightly allow the hand to come back upon the hold.

Finger pads into place.

Contact soft and firm.

Allow your body to hang into equilibrium.


Identify foot placement of non-weighted foot.

Place your foot slowly, surely upon the hold.

Make no contact except with the hold.

Point your toe just before contact.

Be precise.

See the foot into full position.

Appreciate the security, the physics, the architecture.


Notice your self upon the wall.

Allow your heart to beat.

Your deep respiration to still.

A slow beautiful exhale.


I am.

Thank You.

Identify your next hand position.

—Howard Hain

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