4 thoughts on “20th Sunday A: A Woman’s Strong Faith

  1. Gloria

    Dear Fr. Victor- In your reflection for the 20th Sunday you spoke of the silence of Jesus and questioned, “Can we say that the silence of Jesus toward the woman is like the silence of God?” Your question reminded me
    of a journal entry I made several years ago. God Bless! Gloria

    August 26, 2011

    Dear Silent God-
    I know you are there/here. I believe in you – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but when my mind screams for help, for mercy, for light, you give no comfort, no healing, you are just silent; and I struggle alone while you stand and wait and watch – for what? I don’t believe you take pleasure in my pain and bewilderment, and if you’re trying to teach me something, couldn’t you at least give me some hint of what I am to learn and how I am to learn it? I’ve been through this over and over for fifty-five years or more, as I look back over my lifetime; and yes, it goes away for a while, but it also comes back; and it’s always hovering over me like a dark shadow when a large cloud covers the sun, reminding me it never really goes away. Shall I take comfort in the fact that you stand and watch and wait? – or shall I continue to fight what seems to be a losing battle? Should I fight at all?
    Dear silent God, speak to me, answer me, please!


  2. Orlando

    Dear Lord. When I feel You THERE before my anguished heart even your silence is a blessing, a balm, giving me calm and strength to go on. Please don’t let me lose my faith in You.


  3. Laura and Dev Gillroy

    Good morning Victor – thank you once again – I look forward to your words of sharing so much


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