St. Theresa, Staten Island

The Archdiocese of New York has a renewal program called Revive taking place in its parishes this year. The program comprises a reading from scripture, a sermon on the purpose of life, a witness talk, prayers and hymns.

This week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6 PM, I’m taking part in the Revive program at St. Theresa Church in Staten Island. I’m giving the sermon and will be offering some of the prayers.

Here’s the way I opened our mission this evening:

1 thought on “St. Theresa, Staten Island

  1. Lady Cenacle

    No bucket needed for the living water poured into us from the well of Divine love… The woman was open to receive not in her jar which she left behind but in her heart where began the eternal spring for her new life. May I be as receptive as she, leaving behind my fears, my prejudices, my comfort zones.


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