I never expected to be caught up in Ramadan celebrations in Union City, New Jersey, but this morning I did. About 700 Muslims from this area celebrated the end of Ramadan this morning praying and listening to a local Imam at the Union City Midtown Atheltic Complex, which formerly was the garden of a Catholic Monastery– St. Michael’s. Now it belongs to the city of Union City.

Muslims throughout the world are celebrating the end of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, a month given to fasting and refocusing their attention on God. They’re making their way into this area, as today’s event proves; recently they’ve opened a religious school in a former Catholic High school nearby and have a mosque here in Union City.

The Imam spoke in Arabic to the assembly, people brightly dressed from many Muslim countries, but he ended with words in English, thanking Allah for the recent revolutions taking place in Egypt, Syria, Libya and other places in the Middle East and urging his hearers to support those revolutions. He also encouraged support for the Palestinians in their struggle for Independence.

These revolutions are giving Islam a new face in the world, the Imam said.

As the celebration ended a group, likely from Libya, held up a flag from the Libyan revolution to celebrate events in that country.

American cities, like Union City, are changing.

3 thoughts on “Ramadan

  1. andremathieucp

    It is good to see the diversity that exists in our Union City community. This diversity is to be celebrated. May we all respect each other’s religious and cultural traditions. And while there is an Arab Spring in the Middle East and repressive regimes are being replaced, I pray that the new regimes will not only tolerate the ancient Christian communities that exists in their countries but accept them as equals and put an end to all discrimination against them.


  2. Lori

    Hello – your homily on 10/1 @ St. Clement’s Church in Matawan, NJ was so RELEVANT for the current day and age. You referneced things like Google and real life examples that really helped get the message across!
    Thank you so much! – Lori


  3. vhoagland Post author

    Thanks, Lori. I wish I could bring those bell-ringers who get everyone ready for Mass with me to other churches where I go.


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