A Message From Shalom Snail

Dear Readers,

Thank you for following Shalom Snail, which made its debut at The Victor’s Place in May 2020. With Fr. Victor’s blessing, Shalom Snail: Journey to Wholeness, was launched on October 7, 2021. Due to technical challenges, the site underwent a change of hosting in July 2022. With stable WordPress hosting now, all Shalom Snail posts will be permanently accessible on its home site. A link to Shalom Snail can be found on the sidebar of The Victor’s Place. Our blog posts have always been complementary as we follow the daily Scripture readings and saints, so may they continue to be a blessing to you.

Gloria M. Chang

4 thoughts on “A Message From Shalom Snail

  1. fdan

    Dear Gloria, wherever you go, there you are! Thank you for being such a blessing to us through your reflections. May God continue to inspire and bless you always!


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