4 thoughts on “Stations of the Cross

  1. Mary Wilson

    Thank you for helping us to share the beautiful devotion of meditating on the Passion of Our Lord with the Stations of the Cross. Especially during this challenging time, hearing your words and walking with Jesus thru His Passion strengthens our faith and hope!


  2. Lynda Regan

    “Thank You!” for the beautiful teaching. This Lent I’m praying the Stations daily for unrepentant sinners. 🙏

    May the Passion of Christ Jesus be forever in our hearts!


  3. Harry A Warren

    Fr Victor. I forwarded this version of your Stations of,themCross,to,all of your lunch friends. Harry


  4. vhoagland Post author

    Thanks, Harry. You must be under house arrest too. But you can look out the window, as long as you don’t jump.. Victor



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