Friday, 5th Week of Lent

Lent 1


In St. John’s gospel, read these final days of Lent and into Easter, Jesus regularly celebrates the Jewish feasts in Jerusalem. The Jewish feasts are signs telling us who Jesus is and what he does.

In Jerusalem on a Sabbath feast, for example, Jesus heals a paralyzed man at the pool at Bethsaida. (Chapter 5); The Son does not rest, as the Father does not rest, from bringing life to a paralyzed world. . At a Passover Feast (Chapter 6), Jesus calls himself the true Bread from heaven, the manna that feeds multitudes. On the Feast of Tabernacles (chapter 7-9) he reveals himself as the light of the world and living water. On the Feast of the Dedication (Chapter 10) which celebrates the rededication of the temple after its desecration, Jesus claims to be the true temple, dwelling among us and making God’s glory known. The Feast of Passover is introduced in Chapter 11 with Lazarus raised from the dead.

The feasts are signs that what Jesus says and does are from God. “The Father is in me and I am in the Father,” he claims on all these feasts. 

For the most part his listeners are blind to the signs and accuse him of blasphemy, John’s Gospel says. They try to stone him and have him arrested. Instead of accepting him, Jerusalem rejects him. In today’s gospel, Jesus leaves Jerusalem and goes to a place across the Jordan where John baptized. 

He will come back as a new sign. First, he raises Lazarus from the dead; then, he dies himself and rises from the dead. He bring life to the world, not death. Jesus is a sign himself, God’s great sign. John’s gospel, more than the others, find glorious signs in the passion of Jesus. We read his gospel on Good Friday.

The soldiers arresting Jesus in the garden fall to the ground before him. Pilate shrinks before him on the judgment seat, Jesus speaks calmly, majestically from the cross. Realists that we are, we find it hard to find suffering revealing God’s glory and power. It’s hard to see glory in someone suffering and dying on a cross..

We find it hard to see anything but absurdity in the times we’re experiencing now. That’s why John’s Gospel may be an important guide today. “Look for the signs,” it says.  If we believe God is with us, there are signs of glory and a promise of resurrection, even in suffering and death.

The world is caught in a storm, like the disciples caught in their boat at sea. We need to know God is not asleep.   

Lead me on, Lord, through your holy signs,
especially the sign of your Cross.
Show me the glory I don’t see.

3 thoughts on “Friday, 5th Week of Lent

  1. Liz Forest

    The blessings of mindfulness, attentive to what is now have only recently been appreciated by me and many. There are benefits of having a crucifix visibly displayed in our homes.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cenaclemary12

    In the boat I hear his sacred snore
    Between the claps of thunder.
    Will stormy winds toss me under?
    “Wake up and save me!” I cry.
    “O you of little faith, he says,
    Your pleas I will never ignore.”


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