3 thoughts on “4th Sunday of Lent: The Man Born Blind

  1. Cathy Baier

    Thanks Father Victor! I have watching and re-watching some of your videos. They are a blessing!
    Be well! Cathy


  2. Berta

    As we spend another Sunday without being able to visit our churches and having the most blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, we cannot forget today’s Gospel. When the cured blind man was thrown out of the temple he didn’t leave in despair, because he was blind and now he could see. But the best part was when Jesus heard what happened and went to find him.
    Right now we are living something similar. Due to precautionary measures all churches are closed. Jesus knows and sees this, so where is He? He is with us in our own homes. He is bringing the Light of salvation and making sure we know that we are not being abandoned. Jesus is with us. Let’s open our eyes. Let’s open our ears. Let’s open our hearts and truly see! He loves us! Let’s worship and adore our God now and always!!!!


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