Most mornings I sit out on our back porch facing east and watch for the morning light. Today it came through the bare trees. In the dead of winter it’s still dark this time; no one has left for the day. Light only slowly ebbs  through the morning sky, but soon it will touch everything.  

“And God said: ‘Let there be light.’” “The voice of the Lord is full of power,” our morning psalm said today. Light, darkness, sun and moon, water, earth, plants and flowers that fill the earth, birds of the air, fish of the sea, animals that roam the earth and  humans like us are brought into being by God’s voice. That’s what our first creation account from the Book of Genesis tells us today and tomorrow in our readings.

We didn’t bring this all about and certainly it didn’t just happen. 

God’s voice, God’s power, God’s wisdom brings it all about. To see things right we need to have a worldview that sees things this way.The readings from Genesis tell us what we need to know. Each day is a Genesis day. God is at work, the morning light reminds us. 

2 thoughts on “AND GOD SAID: LET THERE BE LIGHT” Genesis 1

  1. Gloria

    Thank you, Fr Victor, for the beautiful photo of morning light with just a hint of sunrise.
    Last week during the third snowfall I looked out a window while the snow was coming down, thick and fast, and added another 4″ to what had already accumulated twice before.
    What I saw was a beautiful black and white photo. The bare trees were dark, and even the evergreens were dark. God, the Artist, made my day! Gloria

    Bare Trees

    The trees stand gray and leafless,
    the ground lies cold and white,
    the glory that was autumn sleeps
    ’til winter turns to spring.

    But bare trees let the sky show through
    and empty waits for full,
    the heart that braves old winter’s chill
    will know the warmth of spring.

    Gloria Ziemienski 1991


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