1 thought on “Feast of the Epiphany: The Magi

  1. cenaclemary12

    The magi departed for their country by another way.
    I have my daily epiphany.
    No noisy camel clops,
    No star to follow westward,
    No desert to traverse,
    No costly gifts in my pack.

    At home and hearth is where
    My epiphany begins and ends.
    In ordinary of daily life,
    I discover gifts I bear.
    Preparing healthy meals,
    Scouring pots and pans,
    Chasing dust and cobwebs,
    Making quiet time and space,
    Walking where nature heals.
    I bow to One who offers grace
    To each heart, in every space.
    Under rocks, on mountain tops,
    in seas, rivers, ponds or brooks,
    in corners and eaves,
    in Scriptural truth.
    My epiphany:
    I am like a sleuth
    in search of God’s blessings.


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