Saturday, 2nd Week of Advent

The artist who painted this picture of John the Baptist preaching near the Jordan river obviously had no idea of what Palestine and the place of John’s ministry looked like, but he got the story right anyway, I think.

The people listening to John are surrounded by an over-powering wilderness. They’re on their way to Jerusalem, but will they ever get there? There are no well marked trails in sight, no civilized world close by for food and lodging. Only a man preaching to them.

Our readings today from the Old and New Testament point out Elijah and John the Baptist as guides God sent to care for his people, the vine he planted. There were guides then and there will always be guides.

John sent those who listened to him in the wilderness on their way. He baptized them with water and pointed out the path. His words were food for their spirits and brought joy to their hearts. They’ll find their way.

We’ll have guides too.


3 thoughts on “Saturday, 2nd Week of Advent

  1. Gloria

    I think the artist’s painting you photographed is Rembrandt, Fr. Victor, when you went to the exhibition of his paintings at the Philadelphia Art Museum with the Martha Mary Guild in November, Fr. Victor.


  2. vhoagland Post author

    Thanks, Gloria. I want to use that picture, maybe tonight at our mission in the Bahamas. Best to Ted. Hold the fort, I’ll be back.


  3. cenaclemary12

    Friends are God sent guides we meet.
    Companions on my faith journey.
    Yet friendship is a two way street.
    Have I nourished my connections?
    Or let my bonds grow weak?
    I need to show how valued they are
    Especially Jesus, my best friend!
    He’s there when help I seek.
    How blessed I am
    To fall asleep each night
    With Christ as my friend!


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