Redeemed Treasures

“Redeemed Treasures”
A reflection on Luke 15:8-10
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)
©️2022 by Gloria M. Chang

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6 thoughts on “Redeemed Treasures

  1. cenaclemary12

    Anxiety for lost coin or sheep
    Like my angst for lost mobility,
    Makes me cry, Lord have mercy.
    Promises made, God will keep.
    Search high and low,
    Look far and wide,
    Good Shepherd is near,
    Do not fear!


  2. fdan

    Dear Gloria, In the past I always identified with the lost sheep but now as I grow older and try to live God’s plan for me I find myself identifying with the good shepherd…and I become the one who leads others to the Good Shepherd himself. It’s a new and strange role for me but one that I’m starting to appreciate as it makes me less self centered and more centered on WWJD. And, Gloria, sometimes I say what would Gloria say…WWGS!


  3. GMC Post author

    Praise the Lord for your close communion with the Good Shepherd! Let’s follow Saint Dominic, of whom it was said: “He spoke with God or about God.”


  4. cenaclemary12

    How beautiful the feet of the messenger who brings the Good News! (Romans 10,15) To the lost, depressed, disappointed, deceased, Christ brought Good News. Like Dominic, who was an itinerant preacher, I can touch lives with God’s goodness. Often, Dominic walked barefoot, People noticed, thinking he lacked shoes. He preferred to touch the earth as a reminder of our Creator. He held his ego in check. He was just the messenger. His dirty, bare feet bore the dust of the road yet others said he had beautiful feet.
    I’m not advocating a shoeless walk! Just musing here with my slippers on about following Christ as Shepherd of souls.


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