There’s a Harvest Nearby

In today’s gospel, Jesus says, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” As we begin reading the 10th chapter of Matthew’s gospel tomorrow where Jesus calls for disciples, we may think of the need of our church for more priests and religious. We certainly need more priests and religious today.

But they’re not the only laborers needed for God’s great harvest. What about laborers for places where priests and religious will never be? And what about the harvest itself, where does that happen?

I’m sure at one time or another you have overheard people at a restaurant or on a bus or at some gathering discussing religion. “What do you think of the pope?” “Do you think there’s life after death?” “Do you think Jesus is really God?” Often the questions go unanswered or wrongly answered because there’s no laborer there to cast in seeds of truth.

The harvest is waiting in a lot of places..

Jesus spoke about the laborers for the harvest as he moved from town to town in Galilee and saw  “troubled and abandoned” crowds, Matthew’s gospel says. We need to ask for laborers to walk among crowds like that today. Maybe we need to recognize there’s a harvest not far from where we are, “troubled and abandoned,” at a table nearby.

3 thoughts on “There’s a Harvest Nearby

  1. Gail Smyder

    Father, were you dressed in clerical duds?? I am wondering if they knew a Shepherd was so close to them.

    We had a harvest at our 4th of July table. My friend Carol who recently lost her husband came, as well as an older couple who say they are athiests. John was abandoned by his mom at age 13 and lived thru being a gunner on a ship during WW 11. I think he is looking and wants to believe, but has so much baggage. We talked about alot. He knows where Harold and I are in the scheme of things, but Carol just added a whole new perspective to the picture. I think some seeds were planted. We hope and pray so. We can pray together on this wherever we go be aware of the grace of the moment to be His instruments.

    Thanks for capturing that moment and passing it on to us.



  2. vhoagland Post author

    You will have many more harvests like that I’m sure, Gail. And they happen when we least expect.


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