Numbering Our Days

In a blog some days ago I reflected on St. Paul’s journeys described in the readings from the Acts of the Apostles for the 7th Week of Easter. Paul’s journeys, as Luke the author of Acts sees them, are not only a way the gospel reaches one city after another, but also a way it reaches the many dimension of our world. Through Paul the women praying along the river in Thessaloniki receive God’s word,  prisoners in a jail in Philippi, philosophers in Athens, immigrants in the port city of Corinth hear it.

The saints we celebrate in our church calendar continue Paul’s journey. Justin Martyr (June 1) speaks to the philosophers of Rome, Charles Lwanga and his companions (June 3) to the African continent, Boniface (June 5) to western Europe. Agnes, Lucy, Cecilia, Anastasia, early women martyrs, are the daughters of the women of Thessaloniki. The saints, old and new, in the calendar or not, continue the mission of Paul given to him by Jesus Christ, and they call us to accompany them. 

Today’s my 90th birthday and two cousins of mine were kind enough to get me into to track down where I come from. I’m looking forward to doing it. I’m grateful to the people who came before me. I remember them today and thank God for them. 

I also feel part of that other family that’s journeying on. I remember them too and give thanks for them. 

A verse from the psalms keeps coming to me these days.  “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart.”  Please pray for me.

13 thoughts on “Numbering Our Days

  1. Michele Cadogan

    Bless and happy 90th Birthday, Fr. Victor, enjoy and thank you for always sharing your wisdom and faith. You once came to my parish ( Our Lady of Lourdes, Malverne,NY) many years ago and your spirit of faith touched my heart. I was happy to find out that I could follow you online( Thank God for technology). Be well and stay blessed always. Thank you for your service. Respectfully, Michele Lee-Cadogan

    Michele S. Cadogan Sent from my iphone



  2. Harry Warren

    Happy Birthday Fr Victor, my friend.

    I pray for you every day and pray your Ministry
    Will continue forever. God Bless. Harry


  3. cenaclemary12

    How wonderful to know that you are a nonagenarian now! Thanks be to God for the way you spread God’s goodness, Your victories come from living deeply in the gift of life, doing the work of love, cultivating gratitude, and noting the touch of the Spirit in your life. Happy Birthday!


  4. John and Jennifer Festa

    Always grateful for your friendship and wisdom. Looking back at so many wonderful memories.
    Happy Birthday
    John and Jennifer Festa


  5. Regina Goyette

    Dear Fr. Victor,Happy Birthday 🎂.Of course, I will pray for you.You are blessing us with such inspiring words.Thank you.Regina 

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail Get the new AOL app: Regina 


  6. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, Happy Birthday! I pray for you every day and thank God for your example of holiness that you give us. Thank you for sharing your faith and knowledge of the faith with us. Through your message of faith, hope and love, your online presence lifts spirits and changes lives, mine included! May God continue to anoint you and send you where you can continue to make a difference in His name. With love and gratitude, Fabienne



    I tried to send you a billet doux for your BDay but it wouldn’t go through

    Blessings, prayers, love a such gratitude for you in my life as I celebrate yours. Happiest of birthdays and every possible sense of God with you in this new year. I love 💕 you! Karen

    Sent from my iPad



  8. Shirley Ballantyne

    Happy Happy Birthday Fr. Victor.
    I read your blog every day and I want you to know how impressed I am of your spirituality.
    I met you a long time ago when you were in Pittsburgh. I was visiting Fr. Joe Sedley. I couldn’t believe I met you.
    Thank you for all the good you do every day. You have helped me understand many things that I didn’t.
    I pray you continue in good health and keep smiling, it is very becoming.


  9. Rose Lisuzzo

    Sent from my iPad. Happy Birthday Father, What! a beautiful Month for a Birthday ! You are a Blessing. May God Bless and Guide You And keep you in the Palm Of His Hand!

                                                            Rose 🎂🎈🙏🏻 



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