2 thoughts on “Easter, Day 23

  1. cenaclemary12

    The image of gate includes both protection from what lies behind and faith for the journey ahead. Closing the gate is the One who cares deeply for me, hopes to lead me and gives me rest. On the last day of her life, I was visiting my mother bedside in the nursing home. She was in and out of sleep state. Once she awoke telling me she saw her mother and my deceased brother. As I was saying goodbye, about to leave at the door, she called out my name and said, “You can close the gate now.” I asked if she meant “close the door” but she repeated her request to close the gate. I left the door open and headed out to take the train home. Later my brother called to tell me he was notified that she had passed. The time of death was shortly after my visit. Every threshold has a door to be opened and closed!


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