4 thoughts on “2nd Sunday of Easter: Thomas Doubts

  1. cenaclemary12

    Blessed are they who have not seen yet believed invites me to hope for the unseen fullness of life Christ promises to those who believe. How often a product ad is marketed to us with the words, “As seen on TV” which supposes that the TV ad can be believed. How needed is a filter to sort out what is true. BTW, the audio is much improved on your video…I can even hear the birds outside chirping in concert to praise God!


  2. fdanies1

    Thank you for teaching me something about my faith each time you post. How uplifting it was today to learn that each Sunday is an Easter Sunday. To know that each Sunday we can reaffirm our faith as at the Resurrection! And not only Sundays, but every day. Thank you, Father Victor, for sharing your tremendous Faith with us. You are a gift from God. Fabienne Danies


  3. fdan

    Dear Father Victor, thank you so much for your reflection. Father Alex, CP, also said in this week’s Passionate Pause that saint Thomas was not the only doubter. He said Jesus visited the apostles twice and they were behind locked doors, fearful. He goes on to say that Thomas asks two of the most important questions in Scripture: how do we get to God and where is God leading me? Thank you both for the richness and wisdom of your Reflections and as Father Alex, CP, stated: let us pray that the intensity of the Easter message continue to grow in us.


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