Tuesday, 1st Week of Lent

Lent 1

Matthew.5, 7-15

One of the greatest gifts we have from Jesus Christ is the gift of prayer. Not only does he pray for us, but he teaches us to pray and accompanies us in prayer. We’re searching for God our Creator, and “Our hearts are restless till they rest in you.” Jesus assists  our restless searching by teaching us the Our Father, the Lord’s Prayer.

We pray as he prays. We approach the One whom Jesus knows intimately as his Father. Destined for his Kingdom, we pray that it may come. Called to be one with him, we ask that his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

The Lord’s Prayer is our basic Christian prayer. We know it by heart; it’s everywhere in the church’s life: in liturgy and sacraments, in public and private prayer. We treasure it.

Though we recite its words by memory, we shouldn’t just repeat the Our Father mechanically and thoughtlessly. It’s meant to awaken our faith and lead us into the mystery of God where words are insufficient.

When Moses approached God on Mount Sinai, a voice told him: “Do not come near; put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” When we approach the Father through his Son, we come, not as fearful strangers, but as children welcomed by a Father’s grace.

St. Paul of the Cross saw prayer always leading to intimacy with God. It isn’t just words. Prayer leads to a Presence that words can’t describe.

“Prayer is more perfect when it’s interior, when a soul prays in the spirit of God. These are deep words, I know, but God can make even stones like me speak when he wishes. Let the Immense Good rest in your soul. God in you and you in God. A divine work. I don’t know how to say it, but God feeds on your spirit and your spirit feeds on the Spirit of God. My food is Christ and I am his.
(Letter 752)

“Lord, teach us to pray.”
Let this gift be rain and snow
falling on the thirsty, stony ground
of our hearts. Be in us as we pray to our Father and yours,
“Lord, teach us to pray.”

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, 1st Week of Lent

  1. Gloria

    Abba, Father, in heaven, on earth, in all your vast creation, and in me.
    Your name is holy, Your kingdom is here, Your will be done on earth
    as it is done in heaven.
    Give us each the day food we need and the grace to be grateful for
    your gifts and blessings..
    Forgive us the wrongs we have done to you and others,
    and help us to forgive those who have wronged us.
    Be with us and protect us during times of temptation
    and keep us safe from the evil spirit.


  2. vhoagland Post author

    I’m sure you will teach them, Mark. To teach them how to pray is your best gift to them.


  3. Orlando Hernandez

    Thank you Fr Victor. Tomorrow at our Passionist Associates meeting I am supposed to introduce the opening prayer and the discussion based on your book, A Lenten Journey With Jesus Christ and St Paul of the Cross. The quote from San Paolo is the perfect beginning, and a perfect example of why fasting can be such a wonderful thing.


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