An 84 Year Old Apostle: December 30


St.. Luke begins his account of the infancy of Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem; where an angel announces the birth of John to Zechariah. He ends his account as  Mary and Joseph take the Child to the temple, “to present him to the Lord.”

Two elderly Jews, Simeon and Anna, meet the Child. Simeon joyfully takes  the Child in his arms. “Now you can dismiss your servant in peace, Lord, because my eyes have seen your salvation.” No temple priests, no officials, no angels, just two old people meet the Child.

Anna, an 84 year temple regular and a widow after being married for only seven years,  also sees the Child. “Coming forward at the very time,” Luke says, “she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were awaiting the salvation of Jerusalem.”

The Lord comes to the 84 year old woman, to Simeon, to Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah, the shepherds in the hills, the wise men from afar. He comes to all. John’s letter read also today says that too.

Anna gives thanks at the sight of the Child and speaks about him to everyone she meets. At 84, she becomes an apostle.

It ain’t over till it’s over.

4 thoughts on “An 84 Year Old Apostle: December 30

  1. Gloria

    Dear Fr. Victor: Thank you for your beautiful reflection. It’s so wonderful that
    God speaks to/through an inn keeper’s compassionate wife, shepherds, old people, wise travelers who follow a star, and to those who still watch and
    listen for His Beloved Son two thousand-plus years later.

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and pray that you will be happy and healthy in the coming Year of Our Lord, 2016. Ted & Gloria


  2. cenaclemary12

    This Gospel reminds me that faithfulness in “showing up” for the Lord is how I witness to faith.
    There’s a book titled “The Gift of Years” by S.Joan Chittister,OSB that encourages using our gifts no matter what age we are. New born or oldster we are favored by God.


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