The Christmas Tree

Since1931 there’s been a Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center in New York City. It started when some workers pooled their money and decorated a tree with simple home decorations.This year’s tree has 50,000 LED lights.

People are lining up to see it this year. The New York Times says that people, locked in a pandemic, are “seeking comfort in the conifers” this season. They want live trees for the holidays and are busily buying them up in the city. We have a small tree in our Mary Garden on our porch. (Above)

When the Laurentine Glacier receded from our land here in Queens, NY, about 12,000 years ago, the first trees to grow were the evergreens. So, are evergreens a sign of hope? Is that why we treasure them?  Certainly Christians from northern Europe saw them that way when they gave us the Christmas Tree centuries ago. Christ is our hope, a sign of life.

We have four small candles before our tree, the better to see the tree’s beautiful deep green branches. We don’t want to lose sight of them. 

Here’s a prayer for blessing your tree.


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