November Thoughts


“Good and kind God, if  only we could be what we hope to be through you.  In this life and the next, you ask so little and give so much to those who love you

Hoping in you and loving you, let us endure everything and give thanks for everything that befalls us, since everything can bring us to salvation.

Meanwhile, we commend ourselves to you and those who have reached the place of rest before us, walking the same road as we do.

Lord and Creator of all, especially of our human family,
You are our God and Father,
Ruler of your children,
Lord of life and death,
guide and benefactor of our souls.

You fashion and transform all things in due time through your creative Word,
According to your deep wisdom and providence,receive those who have gone ahead in our journey from this life.

Receive us too when our time comes, after guiding us through the years, as long as it good for us.
Receive us prepared by fear of you, yet not troubled, nor shrinking back on the day of death, like those who love this world too much.

Instead, may we set out eagerly for that everlasting and blessed life which is in Christ Jesus.
To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen”

Saint Gregory Nazianzen, Bishop.

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