St. Christopher, Pray for Us


“The Vatican said recently he doesn’t exist,” our guide informed us as we visited Cologne Cathedral in Germany a few years ago and looked up at the imposing statue of St. Christopher near one of its entrances. Then, we passed quickly on.

Afterwards, I told him the Vatican didn’t say Christopher never existed, but as of now there is no historical evidence for the popular saint who carries the little child on his shoulders. For one reason or another, no historical evidence exists for a good number of our early saints.

It’s more than finding a Christopher in history, however. If you look at what he’s doing, there have been–and still are– many Christophers. (Bearers of the Christ Child) His type of holiness is mostly unrecognized, but very real. He’s there in the men (and women) who day after day carry children on their shoulders, getting them where they must go and keeping them from the dangers little children face.

Caregivers of all kinds do the same thing. I watch them here at our place, where we have a number of priests and brothers who can’t get around, getting them into wheelchairs and getting them to where they have to go. Not much glamor in that job, but a lot of people need carrying, especially today.

The media seems to thrive on violence today. Gangs taking on gangs, macho heroes blowing up cities, killing thousands.  Non-stop violence. 

Christopher was a sign to generations past that strength is more than swinging a sword.  You’re strong when you serve the weak.

We need you today, St. Christopher. Pray for us. Inspire us.

2 thoughts on “St. Christopher, Pray for Us

  1. Natalie

    Adults, now more than ever, need the companionship of St Christopher asking his help as our children navigate the big dangerous ‘waters’ of the Internet or social networks. Not a bad idea to place a St. Christopher medal on a child’s desk or near his bed. The teens today are ‘the weak’, especially, in the naive way in which they enter upon the journey of surfing the net.

    St. Christopher , guide our children to only embark upon safe journeys, virtually or actually. Always guide them home to their families. Thank you.


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