Mary, Mother of a New Genealogy

Icon of the Theotokos

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!
Happy Birthday, Mother Earth!

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5 thoughts on “Mary, Mother of a New Genealogy

  1. fdan

    I have never heard before of Mary’s genealogy. I have never heard before the Father described as the Virgin Father and Adam as Immaculate Adam, and compared to Immaculate Mary by virtue of his stainless and pristine birth. And, the such original description of “the Virgin Mother who begot the Word in the mysterious spiration of the eternal Breath.” And, how the Saints continue in the genealogy of Mary. Such mystery and beautiful writing lead me to meditation and prayer. Thank you.


  2. GMC Post author

    From chapter 2 of St. Gregory of Nyssa’s Work, On Virginity: “Deep indeed will be the thought necessary to understand the surpassing excellence of this grace. It is comprehended in the idea of the Father incorrupt; and here at the outset is a paradox, viz. that virginity is found in Him, Who has a Son and yet without passion has begotten Him. It is included too in the nature of this Only-begotten God, Who struck the first note of all this moral innocence; it shines forth equally in His pure and passionless generation. Again a paradox; that the Son should be known to us by virginity. It is seen, too, in the inherent and incorruptible purity of the Holy Spirit; for when you have named the pure and incorruptible you have named virginity.”

    We are the inheritors of the great thought of the Fathers. Their spirit continues in the Church as we reflect on eternal truths as one Body in Christ.

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