Journey of Bread and Wine

“Mountains and hills, bless the Lord!”
©️2020 by Gloria M. Chang

Fifteen billion years ago, bread burst with a bang;
Red wine wound the coil of time, bubbling til life sang.
3.5 billion years ago, yeast yielded a mystery:
Proteins drunk with Spirit’s breath changed Earth’s history.

200,000 years ago, the Eternal Triad held counsel:
“Let us make man in our image, with spirit, body and soul.
In our likeness let us mold him, uniting east, west, north and south.”
With two nostrils—Word and Spirit—breathed Adam from Abba’s mouth.

The bread disintegrated when Adam turned from the One Three;
Corruption, mold and decay spiraled out from the tree.
2,020 years ago, a new Adam bubbled from the flood;
Bread became his Body, wine became his Blood.

From the altar of the world to the altar on high,
The Bread King offered up his spirit with a cry.
Into the Father’s hands, the cosmos he restored,
Divinized, transfigured, united in concord.

Father, Son and Spirit envelop the universe;
At a feast of bread and wine, all beings hold converse.
Three Faces radiate from every quark and flower;
The Triadic Light ever shines in the Eternal Hour.


(This poem was inspired by Fr. Victor’s homily for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.)

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