1 thought on “Little Garden Poets

  1. Berts

    It’s scary and invigorating to see what’s happening in the United States at this particular moment in time. There is a Pandemic and we have been locked up in our houses so that we can protect our most vulnerable to the virus. Yes, that has been happening for quite a few months. So why are so many of us willing to sacrifice all that we have done and go out to the streets and protest?
    I believe that it is for the love of neighbor and even though they may not know it , it’s for the love of God! We cannot be afraid! We cannot run and hide! We must speak out against injustice! Let’s love our neighbor as ourselves. All Christians should be not only protesting, but also we should work to make life better for all. We should do what we can! Love, love, love and pray, pray , pray!


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