Father Vincent Lai, CP

On May 2, 2009, Father Vincent Lai, a priest from China, took his vows and was received into the Passionist Community in the Philippine Islands, along with five other young Filipinos.

The Passionists recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in the Philippines; the community was founded then by American Passionists, mostly missionaries who had been expelled from China following the Communist takeover in 1949.

I met Father Vincent while visiting the Philippines for the Passionist celebration last November. If there is rejoicing in heaven over what takes place here on earth–and I think there is–those missionaries to China have to be rejoicing at this occasion, when a priest from China becomes a Passionist.

In the 1950’s all their work seemed to be destroyed and their good works forgotten. But God has a long hand and does not forget.

Father Vincent, we wish you God’s blessings for the ministry that awaits you.

For the Passionists in the Philippines, see

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